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Paid Editing Proposals
In November 2013, there were three main discussions and votes
on paid editing:

No paid advocacy (talk) (closed: opposed)
Paid editing policy proposal (talk) (closed: opposed)
Conflict of interest limit (talk) (closed: opposed)

Bright lines is a series of lines which if a user crosses, will result in sanctions.


Any user will be sanctioned if, after an appropriate warning, they repeatedly and deliberately edit an article to do any one of these:

  • Insert false or dubious information per WP:Hoax, Wikipedia:Vandalism#Hoaxing_vandalism, Wikipedia:Verifiability, and WP:GRAPEVINE
  • Inappropriately disparage or praise the subject of the article without citing appropriate reliable sources, and without ensuring that the article contains any known concerns regarding the nature of the disparagement
  • Remove or suppress reliably sourced information that appropriately balances praise or disparagement in an article


  • An appropriate warning would be a message left on a user's talkpage that clearly identified the behaviour causing concern, and the article where the behaviour occurred.