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The goal of Wikipedia is to create an encyclopedia. But the goal is not to prevent any non-encyclopedic activity. Occasionally, these two goals are contradictory. Many insist that participation in the encyclopedia proper – i.e. article-writing and administrative functions – be the only possible activity on Wikipedia.

Of those people, we ask: Why do you care?

Some editors may focus on removing non-encyclopedic userspace pages, rather than on building articles. Don't be a busybody. Consider: If a user is contributing well to articles, why do you care how good or bad their userspace pages look? As long as that user makes good contributions to the article space, and their interactions with other users are polite, why do you care what else they do on Wikipedia, or why they're here?

"Wikipedia is not a social networking site" is commonly cited as opposition to many of the ideas that would make Wikipedia perhaps a more attractive and enjoyable place to edit. To the extent that social networking is not the primary purpose of Wikipedia, this argument is correct. But if "social networking" is what it takes to attract individuals who otherwise contribute well to articles, perhaps it is in the encyclopedia's best interests to let it go.

Loosen up. Have a cup of tea. Don't worry so much about what other people are doing, as long as it's not hurting anyone. If an editor's article contributions are good, their primary reason for being here and their extra-curricular activities are irrelevant. You shouldn't care.

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