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Cochrane Global Ageing is an effort by Cochrane to share health information related to ageing. Part of this project includes a collaboration with the Wikipedia community to develop Wikipedia articles related to ageing to increase access to information of value to patients, caretakers, health care providers, medical students, and health educators who are interested in this topic.



This is a Wikipedia community project page which anyone can edit. Although Wikipedia community organizers are documenting the collaboration between the Cochrane community and Wikipedia, information on Wikipedia should not be interpreted as an official statement from any organization.

For authoritative information on Cochrane Global Ageing visit

The Wikipedia community is not documenting all efforts of Cochrane Global Ageing, but instead, is attempting to track the parts of that project which include the development of Wikipedia articles.

Starting participants are

with Wikipedia support from bluerasberry (talk · contribs)

Developed articles[edit]

All Wikipedia articles which participants in this project have been developed are reported on the project dashboard.

Here is a select list of some of the edited articles, followed by a demonstration of the changes made:

Note that Wikipedia creates a collaborative editing experience. When Cochrane contributors make changes to articles, that activity attracts other Wikipedia editors to edit the article as well. The history log for each article records what everyone contributed, but in general on Wikipedia, whenever someone starts intense editing as happened here then all sorts of people join to comment and collaborate in all sorts of ways.


October 2016
  • On October 1, 2016 for the International Day of Older Persons, Cochrane Global Ageing was established with this Wikipedia project among the first projects
  • Adding evidence to Wikipedia: editing workshop - At the October 2016 Cochrane Colloquium, this collaboration with Wikipedia was announced.
  • As a pilot program, the Wikipedia community and the Global Ageing team modeled the collaboration after the established "Wikipedia Visiting Scholars" program. In this program, an institution like Cochrane invites researchers to use their publications to develop Wikipedia articles. Using an established Wikipedia partnership model helped the Wikipedia community to understand Cochrane's intentions in the collaboration and what roles participants could play to support each other.
  • October-November 2016 class series - a group of 6 Cochrane community members participated in a 4-week class series to learn about Wikipedia.
November 2016
  • Project update: As of 31 November 2016, the Dashboard which was tracking progress reported that the 6 participants had edited 29 Wikipedia articles 491 times. The team added 4800 words. The edited articles had been viewed by 1 million readers after being edited.
December 2016
  • Project update: As of 20 December 2016, the dashboard reported that the 6 participants had edited 63 Wikipedia articles 698 times. The team added 8380 words. The edited articles had been viewed by 2.66 million readers after being edited.

Technology limitations make it difficult to check metrics for arbitrary points in time, but to see the current report, visit the Dashboard.

Lessons log[edit]

We will create a Lessons Log using PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) methods PRINCE2. This will be our Cochrane/Global Ageing project repository for lessons that apply to this Cochrane Wiki project or future Cochrane Wiki projects. Some lessons may originate from other Cochrane Wiki projects and others may originate from within this Cochrane Wiki project. This will mean that new experiences (benefits and harms in Cochrane speak) can be passed on to others.