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Editor tags are tags used to condense multiple templates at the top of an article to a single standard template which references the article's talk page. All issues templates from the article talk page must then be placed on the talk. (Example to lower right)

The syntax (for the one-issue tag) is:


where editag is the base template, talksect is the heading title of the specific section on the talk page, and brief is a brief note explaining the nature of the dispute, such as NPOV, POV, STYLE (ie. writing), FACTS, TITLE (ie. renaming), etc.

Multiple issues tags[edit]

Mulitple issues links tags which point to specific talk page sections use different templates for the specific number of tags:

For double issue tags, use:


For triple issue tags, use:


For quadruple issue tags, use:


Articles in test[edit]

These articles are currently using the above tags:

Looking for articles with three or four topboxes on them.