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A major cleanup is ongoing relating to Jagged 85 (talk · contribs) who has made over 87,000 article edits since 2005. It has been found that many edits involve the undue promotion of Islamic and other non-European scholarship and achievements. In addition, there has been a severe misuse of sources: misrepresenting what a source has asserted; reporting only one side from a source; quoting out of context; inventing claims using a source related to the topic but which does not verify the claim.

Jagged 85 was indefinitely blocked on 17 September 2012, and was community banned on 22 September 2012 (ANI permalink). The cleanup lists below show all article edits made by the user.


Further information[edit]

Recent changes[edit]

Following are lists showing all articles (in alphabetical order) that appear on the cleanup pages:

These links can be used to view recent changes (up to the last 30 days) for listed articles:

Cleanup procedure[edit]

  • Pick a page from Cleanup lists (below).
    For example, Cleanup1 currently starts "Antisemitism: (18 edits, 7 major, +131825) (+128)(+131)..."
    "(+128)" is a diff of an edit by Jagged 85 which involved adding 128 characters (large additions are in bold because the tool used to create the links is intended to highlight possible copyright violations).
  • Check what text was altered by the edits.
  • Often, there will be many edits in one or two small sections regarding ancient or medieval history. A useful approach is to use the diffs to see which sections were edited, and which sources were added: those sections and sources in the current article need to be carefully checked, particularly for claims like "X was the first to...".
  • Assess whether the current text satisfies relevant policies such as WP:V, WP:NOR, WP:NPOV (particularly WP:DUE in WP:NPOV).
  • If necessary, remove or refactor text as required. Per WP:BURDEN in WP:V, where there is reasonable doubt, text should be removed pending a demonstration on the article talk page that the text is verified by reliable sources. In your edit summary, include a link to this page so editors (possibly after several months) can find the background. Some example edit summaries are:
  • failed verification, see [[WP:Jagged 85 cleanup]]
  • unsourced, see [[WP:Jagged 85 cleanup]]
  • Update the entry on the Cleanup page. To do this, keep the "Antisemitism: (18 edits, 7 major, +131825)" text, then replace all the following diffs with either:
  •  {{n}} ~~~~ (if you found no problem at the article); or
  •  {{y}} (optional explanation) ~~~~ (if you found some issues, but cleared them). It is helpful to add a brief explanation of how you cleared these issues in parentheses, e.g. (removed irrelevant material), (removed unverified material), or (added reliable sources).
  • These display respectively as either:
  •  Red XN your signature; or
  •  Green tickY (optional explanation) your signature.

Cleanup lists[edit]

The following cleanup pages were created on 21 June 2010, using information prepared a few days earlier from the Contribution Surveyor. These show edits to articles, split into reasonably sized pages.

Contributions in other namespaces:

The following cleanup pages were created on 22 September 2012, using a script operated by Johnuniq. These show edits to articles, split into reasonably sized pages.

Index of all 3806 articles edited by Jagged after 11 June 2010, in alphabetical order:

570 articles edited after 11 June 2010, and before (highest number of edits first):

3236 articles edited after 11 June 2010, but not before (highest number of edits first):

Other lists[edit]

The 21 June 2010 cleanup lists are in descending order according to the total number of bytes added to the article by Jagged 85 (according to the Contribution Surveyor). The following list shows the articles most frequently edited by Jagged 85 (in descending order by number of edits):


The {{Jagged 85 cleanup}} template can be used to tag a page that requires attention. Use its what links here to see the pages that transclude the template.

The {{Jagged 85 shortened}} template can be used to tag a page that has been "stubbed" (significantly shortened by omitting material likely to be based on misused sources). Use its what links here to see the pages that transclude the template.

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