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Special:Newpages tracks new articles for up to 30 days from their creation date. After 30 days, unpatrolled articles will no longer appear at Special:Newpages and therefore can no longer be tracked by new page patrollers. This page is devoted to keeping track of these new articles which have existed for longer than 30 days but have not yet been patrolled by a new page patroller. A bot generates daily reports of unpatrolled articles which have fallen off of the Newpages queue, and also adds {{New unreviewed article}} to each unpatrolled article (which also allows the article to be tracked at Category:Unreviewed new articles).

Instructions for new page patrollers[edit]

  • These are often pages with special problems. Please address all these points on the project page.
  • When patrolling these older articles, please be sure to remove the {{New unreviewed article}} template from the top of the article.
  • Please don't modify or remove the article's listing on this page after patrolling it. The list will serve a statistical purpose, and will be automatically maintained by a bot.
  • Lines highlighted in yellow represent articles which still have the {{New unreviewed article}} on them. Lines which are not highlighted yellow have had the template removed. Note that unhighlighted lines don't necessarily mean that the article has been patrolled. In some cases, the creator of the article may have removed the template themselves, or the article may have been redirected. A bot will periodically (approximately once per day) update the yellow highlighting to reflect the state of the article.

Monthly logs[edit]

The links below lead to the monthly logs of unpatrolled articles. Note that the logs lag by a month, in other words the log for January 1, 2011 will be created on or after February 1, 2011. A bot updates the logs and this table approximately once per day.

Month & Year Total articles Articles still unpatrolled
December 2010 (partial) 491 0
January 2011 108 0
February 2011 0 0
March 2011 0 0
April 2011 443 0
May 2011 671 0
June 2011 141 0
July 2011 0 0
August 2011 3 0
September 2011 4 1
October 2011 0 0