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The list below shows short pages in the main english article namespace that are not marked as being stubs and are not redirect or disambiguation pages. Articles marked as being copyvio (defined as containing the text "copyvio") are omitted from the list, as are articles with titles beginning "list of". It was generated on 1st November 2004 from the 23rd October 2004 database dump.


Articles which need expanding should be marked as stubs by adding an appropriate stub type template. If none of the stub types seems appropriate, then add {{stub}} to the article. If the article genuinely does cover everything there is to say on a subject then perhaps it is a dictionary definition which should be moved to Wiktionary, or it might be better merged with whatever links there.

Regenerating this report[edit]

This report is generated from a Link Analysis Database using the SQL:

select concat( '*[[', art_title, ']] (', art_len, ' bytes) [', art_title, '&action=edit Edit]' ) 
from art 
where art_len < 100 
and art_len > 0 
and art_is_stub = 0
and art_is_redirect = 0
and art_is_disambig = 0
and art_title NOT LIKE 'List_of_%'
and locate( 'copyvio', art_text ) = 0
order by art_len asc, art_title;

The output needs to be split into sub-sections by hand. The detection of copyvio pages is simple but should suffice.

Suggested improvements[edit]

The edit links below don't display properly if they contain a single-quote - it may be possible to avoid this by converting single quotes to an HTML entity (e.g. Edit vs Edit ). -- Nickj 01:36, 19 Nov 2004 (UTC)

  • You're quite right - they also fail when other similar special characters are present in an articles title. Once day I'll need to add a html_encode function to mysql - until then, all suggestions for a jusry-rigged solution will be very welcome. - TB 10:06, 2004 Nov 19 (UTC)

The report needs to exclude anything with {{cleanup}}, {{rfd}}, or {{delete}} in the article text. For example, some of these entries I recognise as being redirects that I listed for deletion, so they weren't redirects (cur_is_redirect = 0 according to the database), and then they got listed here for being short articles without a stub tag - examples where this happened include The Director, There are, and There exist. All the best, -- Nickj 00:40, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC)