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To be manually checked, deleted or moved to article's talk page:[edit]

Millianism Note that the page automatically redirects to just one person's point of view (Nathan Salmon, who is self-editing his page), whereas there are more than one point of view on Millianism (a quick google search turns up some recent articles in this debate, but there's no where to begin a discussion of them, as Millianism redirects automatically to Salmon. It needs its own page.

Nathan Salmon similarly has "Existence" as a notable achievement of the subject of this biography, whereas Wikipedia has entirely different take on what Existence means. This article is in dire need of editing, as some of the "notable ideas" of Salmon are probably his own ideas, whereas others (like Existence are not his own notable ideas. Thanks for any help. Just a copy editor here - the article is need of major content help. QueenofRods (talk) 18:33, 25 July 2013 (UTC)

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