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The elusive promoter after feeding off of clicked links.

A promotional draft is a method used by single-purpose accounts to increase their chances of promoting articles through their user space since the majority of the community that makes up Wikipedia target on deleting promotional articles made on the main space.

The Art of Promotional Drafting explained[edit]

The act of creating a promotional draft is just like you would see for any other generic spam article on the main space. The single-purpose account or questionably bot first loads a pre-made article that is copied from a source such as another wiki, then the last sign that indicates that the article was made without any problems or conflicting backfires is the top of the subpage being tagged with {{Userspace draft}} or any other similar template.

What to do[edit]

Userspace is indexed by search engines by default. Add the line {{NOINDEX}} at the top of the "draft" to fix that.

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