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Anyone can contribute to Ultraviolet through the project repositories on GitLab. Only a specific set of users, however, have access to internal development communications, and even fewer users are able to access backend systems which handle your data and the script's execution. Users who are able to access private channels, discuss the future plans of Ultraviolet, and plan for new features are part of the official Ultraviolet development team. These users follow a simple set of rules to avoid complete anarchy.

Prior to February 19, 2022, this team was simply referred to as the "RedWarn team", as it was (and still is) the team responsible for maintaining RedWarn. Since then, the team has taken on the name 10nm, the wavelength of ultraviolet light.

The team currently consists of eight members, three of which are able to access the Ultraviolet tool, which handles asset distribution to Ultraviolet users.

This contact information is presented here in case you would like to report confidential security issues to the team; however, you are encouraged to instead use the GitLab reporting email at redwarn.issue@toolforge.org. Do not report confidential issues to talk pages.


These are the members of the official Ultraviolet development team.

Chlod avatar

Project Lead
Member since 17 July 2020
talk page / wiki@chlod.net

sportzpikachu avatar

Assistant Project Lead
Member since 23 September 2020

Prompt0259 avatar

Developer, Backend Management
Member since 15 June 2020

Leijurv avatar

Developer, Systems Advisor
Member since 10 August 2020

Asartea avatar

Member since 22 November 2020

Rexogamer avatar

Developer, Backend Management
Member since 31 May 2021

Sennecaster avatar

Team Management, Happiness Ensurer
Member since 31 May 2021

Former members[edit]

Isochrone avatar

Documentation, Community Assistance
(on break)
Member since 10 August 2020

Ed6767 avatar

RedWarn Founder
Member 25 April 2020 – 15 November 2021
talk page / ed6767wiki@gmail.com


If you wish to be part of the Ultraviolet team, please see instructions on Wikipedia:Ultraviolet/Volunteer.