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"The Internet is serious business!" is a sarcastic, hyperbolic phrase used to remind people who lack perspective that being mocked or ignored on the Internet is not, in fact, the end of the world.

Actions in the real world directly affect your physical person and your ability to pursue your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But even though cyberspace is inside the real world, your actions on blogs, forums, and wikis affect little more than your Internet persona. Regardless of how real or upsetting such actions may seem at the time, their ability to affect you is 99.44% contingent on your desire to validate them; the wise Wikipedian recognizes that instant freedom is only as far away as a flip of the power switch on your computer. As significant as the Wikipedia project may be to you, a satisfying and fulfilling meatspace existence is always more important than the mere cavorting of electrons on a server, no matter how compelling the form they take.

Always remember: Unless you're on this list, Wikipedia is not your job. This means no one is obligated to do anything, beyond a (frequently pathological) desire to help. Contrary to popular belief...

The Internet is not serious business.

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