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In order to place a notice at the top of every registered user's watchlist, an editor can make a request at Mediawiki talk:Watchlist-details. Once a consensus forms to list a notice, it is added, and the notice counter (the cookie-ID) is incremented. Notices should be approved for a fixed length of time after which point they will be removed.

Adding the template {{Edit protected}} to a request will ensure that an administrator is aware of it. This is particularly useful for uncontentious changes, such as correcting a typographical error in an existing message.

Standing notices[edit]

Certain announcements have been included in the watchlist notices without any need for discussion. These include:

How to hide the notices[edit]

To hide these notices permanently, add this code to your skin.css:

#watchlist-message { display: none; }

This will also hide geonotices (location-specific notifications). To hide geonotices only, without hiding the other watchlist notices, you can disable it in your preferences.

How to see notices recently dismissed[edit]

If the notice is still "live", it will be visible at one of the five bold-linked pages in the infobox above.

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