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edit ·Calvinism-related changes

This page covers a few topics which seem to come up for discussion every few months on one or another of the Calvinism pages. They are addressed here; if you feel the need to reopen any of them, please do it on the talk page of this article, or an appropriate subpage.

Scope of the terms "Calvinist" and "Reformed"[edit]

Wikipedia, has a descriptivist policy as part of its Wikipedia:Neutral point of view policy. This means that, when we write an article about a term, we must write an article that attempts to include all major uses of the term. This means that if a term is often used in certain ways that you don't like, that view still (according to Wikipedia policy) needs to be represented in the article; if there's significant disagreement with the use of the term, that can be represented in the article too. If you disagree with the Wikipedia policy, then:

  • Your arguments should be directed to the talk page for WP:NPOV, not elsewhere
  • Assuming that policy is not changed in your favour, you may prefer an encyclopedia with a different policy, such as

What things should be included as "Calvinist"? Are "Calvinist" and "Reformed" the same thing?[edit]

Various editors have observed that the terms "Calvinist" and "Reformed" are used synonymously in reliable sources. Those who attempt to draw distinctions between them do not always draw the same distinction; some see Calvinist as a subset of Reformed, and some see them the opposite way around. Because of Wikipedia's descriptivist policy that has to represent all opinions, the terms end up being synonymous.

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Are Reformed Baptists Calvinists?[edit]

In line with Wikipedia's descriptivist policy (see above), Reformed Baptists must be included as Calvinists.

Are some of the Neo-Orthodox (eg. Karl Barth) Calvinist?[edit]

In line with Wikipedia's descriptivist policy, yes, he must be included as such. However, since traditional Calvinists reject Barth's Calvinism, this should be noted too.