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Welcome, WikiProject Irish Republicanism, to the WikiProject Irish Republicanism! Please direct any questions about the project to its talk page. If you create new articles on Irish Republicanism-related topics, please list them at our new articles section and tag their talk page with our project template {{WP:IR}}.

  • Most of the important discussions related to the project take place on the project's main talk page; you may find it useful to watchlist it.
Here are some open WikiProject Irish Republicanism tasks:
Pre-1969 IRAs: Michael Collins (sourcing), Joseph McGarrity (expand, cleanup, sourcing), Seán Cronin (expand, sourcing), Seán Treacy (sourcing), Tom Barry (footnotes), Chronology of the Irish War of Independence (cleanup)
Official IRA: Cathal Goulding, Seán Garland (sourcing), Official IRA (sourcing), Jim Sullivan (Irish Republican)
Provisional IRA: Freddie Scappaticci (cleanup), Kieran Nugent (expand, sourcing, cleanup), Provisional IRA Belfast Brigade (expand), Bobby Sands (details here), Raymond McCreesh (neutral sourcing), Thomas McElwee (neutral sourcing), Joe Cahill (footnotes), Patrick Joseph Kelly (expand), Balcombe Street Siege (expand), Frank Stagg (sourcing), Seamus Twomey (cleanup)
Continuity IRA: Dáithí Ó Conaill (sourcing)
Real IRA/32CSM: Omagh bombing (cleanup), Bernadette Sands McKevitt (expand), Seamus Daly (expand), Liam Campbell (expand)
INLA: Seamus Costello (sourcing), Gino Gallagher (expand), Ronnie Bunting (sourcing), Hugh Torney (sourcing), Gerard Steenson (sourcing), Irish National Liberation Army (sourcing), Patsy O'Hara (sourcing)
Sinn Féin: Jennifer McCann (sourcing), Gerry Adams (sourcing), Sue Ramsey (expand), Danny Morrison (expand), Willie Clarke (expand), Gerry McHugh (expand)
Miscellaneous: Armalite and ballot box strategy (sourcing), Michael Dwyer (sourcing), Clan na Gael (sourcing), Easter Rising (footnotes) Edit or discuss this list.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or any of the more experienced members of the project, and we'll be very happy to help you. Again, welcome, and thank you for joining this project!