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Our scope includes:

  1. Open access to scholarly journals and monographs
  2. Open scientific research
  3. Legal aspects of these topics: intellectual property law, open source licensing, Creative Commons, copyleft, defensive patents
  4. Political and legislative aspects of these topics
  5. People who are closely related to these topics

Our goal is to produce detailed, well written, and NPOV articles on all articles related to these topics.

WikiProject Open[edit]

WikiProject Open Access is a part of WikiProject Open. This has a wider focus, including:

  1. Open society, free culture, and related philosophical movements
  2. Open content
  3. Open source methodologies in artistic production, education, business, and politics
  4. Open government and government data
  5. The free software and open-source software movements
  6. The publishing, mass media, Internet, software and other closely related industries

The scope overlaps with the following projects and task forces: