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In historical articles, the past tense is strongly preferred. While history can be written in the present tense, the general audience of Wikipedia will usually expect the past tense on historical subjects and events. The present tense in English is only correctly used to describe past events in a work of fiction. This is referred to as the "historical past tense".

Remain as objective as possible. The point and ideal of Wikipedia is to create an neutral encyclopedic body of knowledge. Avoid using the first-person point of view (emphasizing the facts; not the editor). Explain the evidence (from the links and references) and explain the reasons of any conclusions.

Article names[edit]

Convention: Use the form most familiar to English speakers. Name pages in English and place the native transliteration on the first line of the article unless the native form is more commonly used in English than the anglicized form.


It is recommended that the contemporary Macedonian style of Romanization be used. This includes using letters not found in the English language such as: č, ǵ, ḱ, š and ž. When introducing a Macedonian name, a Cyrillic version and a transliterated version should be provided.


A number of infoboxes can be used for history-related articles. These include {{Infobox military person}}.


Names and titles[edit]


The Gregorian calendar is the calendar currently used in the Western world. If dates used are from the Julian calendar, please make a note as to any differences.

Link references[edit]