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Muster University
Motto Look and Feel
Type Private, secular
Established 1777
Academic staff
Undergraduates 7,000
Postgraduates 500
Location Mustercity, MU, USA
Campus Urban, 430 acres (1.7 km&sup2)
Athletics MussU League

Muster University is private university in Muster town, Muster County. It was founded in 1777 by the Church of Patternists and is now part of the Muster state university system. Currently there are 7,000 students. Its nickname is "MussU", its mascot is the Mammoth, and its teams play in the Pac-10 conference (NCAA-Division I). While this university is purely fictional, it serves as the topic of an example for a university article on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Muster University is famous for its Departement of Modern Anthropology.


After foundation in 1777, Muster University established slowly a reputation as leading academic institution of the Church of Patternists. In the 1830s Patternist Secularization War, Muster University became part of the Musterland university system. In 1945 the now famous Dept. of Modern Anthropology was founded.


Muster University is world-renowned for its innovative campus, featuring six buildings designed by I. M. Pei.


Musterland University is headed by a rector. Today, it's organized in four schools and two independent departements:

Students and faculty[edit]

MussU's 7,000 students mainly hail from all over Musterland, although 15% of them are international (mainly through an exchange program with Cowton College in Latveria).etc..

Muster University employs 452 full-time staff in its faculty, 95% of whom have Ph.D. It also employs 2,567 staff ...

Sports and traditions[edit]

Muster is a NCAA Division I team, although its basketball program has been suspended for the '03-'04 year owing to recruiting violations....

Traditionally, every leap year MussU students walk to the ruins of Muster Old Patternist Church in silence. This is known as the Walk of Silent Wisdom.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable faculty[edit]

  • Prince-Bishop Terrific The First (graduated 1825, M.D. 1832), first Prince-Bishop of Musterlands Patternist Church who studied something else besides patternist theology
  • Clarabella Mus-Ter (graduated 1967), Prime Minister of Musterland from 1990 to 2002

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