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WikipediaWeekly Episodes 22-27.

A group of podcasts from Wikimania.

Wikimania 2007 Taipei[edit]

Pre-conference, 2 August[edit]

Welcome to the Wikipedia Weekly coverage of Wikimania 2007, talking to you now from sunny warm - very warm - Taipei. Andrew Lih, Liam Wyatt, James Forrester and Daveydweeb are already in attendance, with James Hare arriving tomorrow, and the conference proper to kick off the day after.

In preparation for the event, we recorded a brief episode to get back in the swing of things. We primarily discuss the board elections and Harry Potter’s dominance over Wikipedia.

Episode 22[edit]

One day to go!

Today we bring you a brief rundown of the conference as it’s been so far: the living space, the organisation and the mess of cables we call the Wikipedia Weekly Corner. We also have a new introduction sequence, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

Conference day 1[edit]

Jimbo being interviewed for Wikipedia Weekly

Episode 23[edit]

The first day of Wikimania 2007 is well underway, and we’ve been hard at work (really!) to cover the morning’s events. In episode 23, we cover:

    • the keynote presentation by Anthere;
    • the Wikimedia Foundation press conference;
    • Seth Anthony's talk: where have the content creators gone;
    • the conference schwag.

Episode 24: Jimmy Wales Interview[edit]

Just what it says. We managed to catch him for a few minutes and asked him a few questions whilst he was wearing a Tajikistani hat...

Conference day 2[edit]

Episode 25: Ward Cunningham Interview[edit]

The inventor of the first wiki, a regular listener, discusses the idea of "wiki", Wikimania2007 and what he's up to now.

Conference day 3[edit]

Episode 26: Evan Prodromou Interview[edit]

We chat with the founder of Wikitravel about where the project is going, how it is different from other travel guides and his new baby ""

Episode 27[edit]

We discuss the events of last night's party, the schwag and several of the lectures and panel discussions of the last 24 hours.

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