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edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2009:

  • Confirm number and nature of seats on Committee up for election.  Done
  • Confirm all Page / Subpage setups including;
  • Election Main Page  Done
  • Voting Process (Indenting/Removing Votes, etc)  Done
  • Individual Candidate Statements (format)  Done
  • Individual Candidate Discussion Pages (format  Done (as with Wikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2009/Vote/Example)
  • General Question page (List of questions for all candidates)  Done
  • Individual Question Pages, to include General list plus candidate-specific questions (Format)  Done
  • Voting Pages (Format)  Done
  • Confirm 'electoral roll' – Registered Users with 150 Mainspace edits on 1 Nov 2009 ( Done, unless there are objections to using last year's rule)
  • Watchlist notice: 10–24 Nov – "Nominations are open"  Done
  • Watchlist notice: 1 December – 15 December – "Voting is open"  Done
  • Confirm / setup Election Results reporting (Courtesy User:Mathbot?) Not done
  • Update eligibility tracker for 2009 dates –  Done per Pathoschild
  • Add {{subst:ACEQuestions}} to the "/Questions for the candidate" page of every candidate that runs.  Done.
  • At end of election (00:00 15 December), cascade full-protect all voting pages as per 2008, to ensure clean cut-off. On hold
  • Solicit feedback on the process from the scrutineers and administrators, 16 December.


Please give your feedback on the elections here.  Skomorokh  20:04, 20 January 2010 (UTC)