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I quite like this "Did you know ?" thing. But I guess this page is just to archive things from new articles. Perhaps we should have 'Did you know' thing for old articles.

SEE: MediaWiki talk:Dyk for main DYK talk.[edit]

This is odd. Thinking that Did You Know was to feature new articles, I see an article mentioned that I know are not new articles -- Deluge, which has been on Wikipedia for quite few months. So I go looking for some sign of who, where & why this article was included, & come to this page. Hmm, nothing here; well, there's a link above to the "main DYK talk", so I follow it, only to come to a list of rules for being included on Did You Know, one of which is "this section is only for items that have been listed on 'NEW PAGES' since the last update of DYK."

So admittedly this article shouldn't have been included, but I'm still in the dark about who, where & why these articles are selected. I guess it's all the work of the Wikipedian branch of the Illuminati, those all-knowing, all-powerful powers behind every throne & every important event. I guess the only way I have to talk to them is to write a message or two into a file on my harddrive, & delete it, & they will then contact me. -- llywrch 01:02, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)