William FitzAlan, 1st Lord of Oswestry and Clun

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William FitzAlan (d. 1210) was a Norman nobleman who lived in Oswestry and Clun, near Shrewsbury, along the medieval Welsh Marches. William was the son of William FitzAlan and Christiana (stepmother was Isabella de Say). His father's second wife brought the lordship of Clun into the family.

He was the first FitzAlan to hold both the castles of Clun and Oswestry in his own right, and was responsible for the significant expansion of Clun Castle.[1] William was still in his minority in 1160, and Guy Lestrange was appointed as his guardian.[2] William later had two sons, the first also called William FitzAlan and a younger son, John. Upon William's death in 1210, the eldest son seceded his father.


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