William de Cantilupe (died 1251)

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Arms of William de Cantilupe: Gules, three fleurs-de-lys or ("Cantilupe Ancient"). These arms are blazoned in Glover's roll of arms.[1] The Cantilupe arms changed in the late 13th century to jessant-de-lys

William de Cantilupe (died 1251) (anciently Cantelow, Cantelou, Canteloupe, etc, Latinised to de Cantilupo) [2] was an Anglo-Norman magnate.


He was the son of William de Cantilupe (died 1239), who had also been an administrator and Sheriff. His brother was Walter de Cantilupe, Bishop of Worcester.

He married Millicent (or Maud), the daughter of Hugh de Gournai, which brought him further land.

He became a retainer of Ranulph, Earl of Chester and served with him on King Henry's expedition to Brittany. He then in 1238 joined the royal household and was appointed Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in 1239. In 1242, he was one of the three Keepers of the Realm during the king's absence campaigning in Poitou.[3]

He died in 1251. His widow was awarded custody of Henry III's daughter Margaret, later Queen of Scots. [3]

He was succeeded by his son William de Cantilupe (died 1254). Their daughter Juliana married into the wealthy de Tregoz family. Another son, Thomas de Cantilupe, was Bishop of Hereford and a saint.


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