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William Wilberforce Newton (4 November 1843 - 1914 ) was an American Episcopalian divine and author.


Born 1843 in Philadelphia, son of Richard Newton and Lydia Gretorex, Newton studied at the University of Pennsylvania graduating in 1865. In 1863 he had served in the Civil War as a private.[1] He attended the Episcopal Divinity School in Philadelphia before taking up his ministry.

From 1866 to 1870 he was assistant rector at the Church of The Epiphany, Philadelphia, and from 1877 to 1882 minister at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston.

In 1890 Newton was awarded an honorary DD by his alma mater.

Newton died in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1914


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  • Carpe Viam, class poem of class of 1865 University of Pennsylvania by Newton