Wizard's Hall

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Wizard's Hall
Author Jane Yolen
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Harcourt
Publication date
June 1991
ISBN 0-15-298132-2

Wizard's Hall is a 1991 fantasy novel by Jane Yolen. The Harry Potter series, which began publishing eight years later, has many similarities. However, Yolen believes the similarities are coincidental.[1]

Characters and story[edit]

The mother of shy Henry sends him to Wizard's Hall where he can train to become a wizard. At the Hall he is renamed Thornmallow, suggesting that he is prickly on the outside yet soft inside. He becomes quite conspicuous as he covers a classroom in snow, yells during an orientation speech and has other embarrassing moments. He soon learns that he is one of 113 students who are being prepared to confront the evil wizard Nettle and his huge Beast. Thornmallow feels he may not be equal to the challenge.


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