Woldenberg Park (New Orleans)

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View of the Mississippi River from Woldenberg Park

Woldenberg Park is a park in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was created in the late 1980s/early 1990s on land that had been occupied by old wharves and warehouses along the Mississippi Riverfront, in the upper French Quarter. It is named after philanthropist Malcolm Woldenberg (1896–1982) who helped fund the building of it.

The upper end of the park is at Canal Street and the Aquarium of the Americas. It continues down river to connect with the riverfront "Moon Walk" across from Jackson Square. Woldenberg Park is occasionally the location of live music performances, especially during the French Quarter Festival.

Coordinates: 29°57′12″N 90°03′47″W / 29.9533°N 90.0630°W / 29.9533; -90.0630