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Entrance to the temple of the Marquis of Wu

Wolong Gang (simplified Chinese: 卧龙岗; traditional Chinese: 臥龍崗; pinyin: Wòlóng Gāng) is a cultural site and scenic area in Nanyang city, Henan province, People's Republic of China. It is famous for Zhuge Liang, a chancellor of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, who lived there for about ten years. Zhuge Liang is also known as Wolong (卧龙, meaning Crouching Dragon), and he was posthumously named the Marquis of Wu.


The worship of Zhuge Liang in Wolong Gang dates from the Jin Dynasty. It flourished during the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. In 1317, Emperor Renzong of Yuan gave the historic buildings in Wolong Gang the name of Temple of the Marquis of Wu. In 1711, historic buildings were rebuilt according to the traditional Longgang full picture. The Qing Dynasty built the Wolong gang ten scenic spots and Wolong College.

Nowadays, Wolong Gang has historic buildings built during the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. Wolong Gang also has stone inscriptions, steles, and the couplet, all of them dating from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. It has more of this kind of cultural relic than the other temples of the Marquis of Wu in China. Yue Fei's handwritten stone inscription Chu Shi Biao is very precious among them.

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Visiting the temple of the Marquis of Wu

Wolong had passed away for nearly a thousand years,
There is still a rising hillock here.
The sacrifice in the temple of the Marquis of Wu didn't become cold because of Shu Han's perdition,
It seemed that the plowland still knew the fragrance of Zhuge Liang's thatched cottage.

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