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Women In Tech
Author Tarah Wheeler
Published 2016
Publisher Sasquatch Books
Pages 272
ISBN 978-1-63217-066-8 (Hardcover)

Women In Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories is a 2016 anthology written by Tarah Wheeler, an entrepreneur,[1] keynote speaker[2] and scientist,[3] published by Sasquatch Books. The book began as a Kickstarter project, with 772 backers and $32,226 in funding.[4]


It includes advice for women in developing careers skills such as salary negotiations, networking and finding work-life balance,[5] as well as personal stories from female tech professionals.[3]

The book contains a foreword by Esther Dyson. In addition to Wheeler's writing, the anthology includes chapters by Kamilah Taylor, Miah Johnson, Kristin Toth Smith, Keren Elazari, Brianna Wu, Katie Cunningham, and Angie Chang


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