Woody Poko

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Woody Poko
Woody Poko
Cover art
Developer(s) dB-Soft[1]
Publisher(s) dB-Soft[1]
Platform(s) Family Computer
NEC PC-8801
Release date(s) PC-8801
  • JP October 22, 1986
Family Computer:
Genre(s) 2D action platformer[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

Woody Poko (うっでいぽこ?)[2] is a Japan-exclusive video game released for the Family Computer in addition to various other systems.


The player controls an old wooden figure named "This Baggage."

He is a hero who has lived in harmony with humans for many years. For This Baggage, the journey is to find the fairy who teaches people to get back to being friendly with wooden dolls. Enemies encountered through the game are strange creatures and bothersome old men. The player attacks by using his fists at them.[3] Players can steal the items in the store. But after stealing, the player's appearance is changed to resemble that of a thief. Hotels and pawn shops can no longer admit the player for the remainder of the game after a theft has taken place.



This Baggage
He is a wooden doll who is the hero of all humans in the world of Woody Poko.
A girl
She is the unnamed female protagonist. When the player selects her, the game will become easier and items become half price.


These enemies appear in one of the stages and appeared to have come in contact with the stolen money. Strategy guides written for the game has called these enemies "invincible to all attacks." They can be beaten after a long time attacking them, however, making them not truly "invincible."
They have the ability to inflate bodies over a cliff.
Their pikes tend to look like the enemies in the game.
Rodrigues Giant Forest
As long as the boss is in existence, there is treasure chests filled with items to defeat.
Solar Trees
Has a nasty habit of hampering the way for the hero. When the player is near the stage's goal line, players must try to blow through the trees. The trees will try to stop the players from using items, however.
This enemy usually chases the player and spins around in the sky to attack.
Pirates show up in the presence of this boss. His prosthetic limbs help to protect him against skipping. Like Rodriguez, items can allow the player to defeat him.
As long as this boss is in existence, its body flying through the air in order to wiggle and to protect a treasure chest containing a much-needed weapon.
Originally served as the protagonist of the developing company's action-puzzle game Flappy. The player flies wave mushrooms come in attack. This is a strategy to "get stuck for a while and hit the mushroom," but with just a bullet is actually only damage it right. He is a young boy from the beautiful planet of Blue Star.


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