Yasin Osman Kenadid

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Yasin Osmaan Kenadid
ياسين عثمان كينايديض
Born 1919
Hobyo, Somalia
Died 27 November 1988
Rome, Italy
Occupation Writer, political activist

Yasin Osman Kenadid (Somali: Yaasiin Cismaan Keenadiid, Arabic: ياسين عثمان كينايديض‎‎) (1919–27 November 1988[citation needed]) was a Somali intellectual, writer and linguist. He was an influential literary scholar, having written a seminal dictionary of the Somali language.[1]

Family and name[edit]

Yasin was a member of the Kenadid family. He is related to Ali Yusuf Kenadid, the second Sultan of the Sultanate of Hobyo. His father, Osman Yusuf Kenadid, was the brother of Ali Yusuf and the creator of the Osmanya script.[1]


Kenadid was born in Hobyo (Obbia), Somalia during 1919. He attended a Quranic school until he was fifteen. He then move to Mogadishu, attending both Italian and Arabic schools where he learned English.[1]

Kenadid helped found the Society for Somali Language and Literature.[1] He is also one of the thirteen founders of the Somali Youth League (SYL) and was member of the National Somali Language Committee that decided on the standard spelling of modern Somali.


Kenadid's best-known book is the dictionary that was the only standard Somali dictionary for decades:

  • Qaamuuska Af-Soomaaliga, 1976 Mogadishu/Firenze, Wasaradda Hiddaha iyo Taclinta Sare,

Akademyaha Dhaqanqa.

He is also known as an influential literary scholar:


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