Veerabhadra Temple, Yadur

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Shri Veerbhadhreshwar Temple
Shri Veerabhadreshwar Devasthan
Lord Veerabhadra of yadur.jpg
Governing bodyShri Veerabhadreshwar Devasthan
Veerabhadra Temple, Yadur is located in Karnataka
Veerabhadra Temple, Yadur
Location in Karnataka
Veerabhadra Temple, Yadur is located in India
Veerabhadra Temple, Yadur
Veerabhadra Temple, Yadur (India)
Geographic coordinates16°34′N 74°39′E / 16.567°N 74.650°E / 16.567; 74.650Coordinates: 16°34′N 74°39′E / 16.567°N 74.650°E / 16.567; 74.650
CompletedEarliest records date to 12th Century
Krishna River
Shri Veerabhadreshwar Temple
Shri Veerabhadreshwar Temple Entrance
Yatri Nivas

Veerbhadra Temple, is situated in the holy Shri Kseshtra Yadur, on the banks of holy river Krishna in Chikodi Taluka of Belagavi District, Karnataka, India, approximately 94 kilometres (58 mi) from Belgaum. It lies on the banks of the majestic Krishna River.

The shivalinga is also called as "Shri veerupakshalinga".


The Temple was founded by the Veerashaiva saint of Karnataka Shree Kadsiddeshwar in the 12th century.

The holy temple is part of the endowment trust Kadsiddeshwar math and belongs to Brahmin & Veershaiva community.[citation needed] The Kadsiddeshwar math, mentor is the head of the temple. The devotees of the temple are spread over in both state of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The temple authorities carry out various religious and cultural activities and rituals in consultation with Kadsiddeshwar math authorities on various festivals throughout the year.

The Temple is mentored by Shivacharya Swamijee, Shree Shree Siddharameshwar Hiremath, Hipparagi.[citation needed] Under the leadership of Siddharameshwar Hiremath the Temple authorities are undertaking a number of developmental projects:[citation needed]

1. Yatri Nivas 2. Kalyan Mandap 3. Manjari Gate 4. Veerabhadreshwar Rath 5. Dasoh Hall 6. Swamijee Guest House 7. Kadsiddheshwar Math Dwar


The following poojas and Archanas take place on a regular basis on behalf of the various devotees:

  • Abhishek
  • Rudra abhishek
  • Butti puja (obligation of cooked rice mixed with curds to Veerpaksha ling)
  • Yele Puja (The bettle leaves are applied to veerpaksha ling in most decorative manner)
  • Akki puja (Decoration of veerpaksha ling by application of rice)
  • Dandavatha – The process by which devotees after taking dip in the holy river Krishna come to temple by putting a Suryanamaskar step by step.
  • Tula bhar seva– Depending upon devotees pledges, the devotees put the coconuts, rice etc. equivalent to their weight. On the back of "Veerupakshalinga" there is a Shrine of mother

" Bhadra Kalamma", depending upon vows, the devotees and the mother, "Bhadra kalamma" is offered various offerings by the devotees.

All the above puja activities and rituals are performed after taking the receipts from the temple authorities.


  • Marriages: Many devotees carry out the marriages in the temple after prior registration with temple authorities
  • Jawal: First time child's hair cutting ceremony
  • Guggula: Many devotees, to complete their vows and pledges on heir behalf or on behalf of their family members and also to follow traditional vows perform the Guggula ceremony in the altar of "Veerupaksha linga"



Belagavi city is near to Yadur can be reached via the National Highways 4 and State Highways 12, NWKRTC run buses to all corners of Karnataka and to Yadur. There are many private buses which serve Yadur.


Nearest airports are Belagavi and Hubli.


Nearest railway stations are Miraj, Raybag, Belagavi and Ghatprabha.