Yale & Valor

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Yale & Valor
Industry Locks and gas fires
Fate Acquired by Williams Holdings
Successor Baxi Group plc
Assa Abloy
Founded 1890
Defunct 1991
Headquarters Birmingham, UK

Yale & Valor was a company in Birmingham that manufactured locks and gas fires. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange.


In 1890, the Valor Company Ltd. was formed in Birmingham for manufacturing oil-storage cabinets.[1] Later it diversified into paraffin and subsequently gas heaters. The company merged with the Yale Lock Company becoming Yale & Valor in 1987[2] and then with Myson plc in 1989.[3][4] The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange from 1989 to 1991.

The company was bought by Williams Holdings in 1991 and subsequently spun off with the other brands to form Newmond plc in 1996. The Valor brand is now owned in Europe by Baxi Group Ltd, (formed by the merger of Baxi Holdings Plc and Newmond plc)[1] and the Yale Lock Company is now a subsidiary of Assa Abloy.[5] The right to design and manufacture Valor branded products in North America as of 2001 is controlled by Miles Industries Ltd. a Canadian privately owned firm.[6]