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Laguna Querococha.jpg
Qiruqucha and the mountain Pukarahu (center-left). In the background the Yanamaray glacier is visible.
Highest point
Elevation 5,237 m (17,182 ft)
Coordinates 9°39′40″S 77°15′40″W / 9.66111°S 77.26111°W / -9.66111; -77.26111Coordinates: 9°39′40″S 77°15′40″W / 9.66111°S 77.26111°W / -9.66111; -77.26111
Yanamarey is located in Peru
Location Ancash, Peru
Parent range Cordillera Blanca
First ascent Yanamaray N: 1-1967 via N. ridge.
Yanamaray S: 1-1965 via S. slopes.[1]

Yanamarey[2][3][4] (possibly from Quechua yana black, maran, maray batan or grindstone, maray to tear down, to knock down,[5][6] "black batan or grindstone") or Yanaraju[7] is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru, about 5,237 metres (17,182 ft) high.[2][3][7] It is located between Recuay and Huari provinces, in Ancash. Yanamaray lies east of Pukarahu and northeast of Lake Qiruqucha, between Matashcu in the north and Cahuish in the south.[7]

The Yanamaray River originates west of the mountain. It provides Qiruqucha with the melt water of the Yanamarey glacier before it empties into Santa River.[2][7]

Annual observations have shown that the Yanamarey glacier has been rapidly retreating over the last years.[8]

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