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Temporal range: Early Paleocene–Late Paleocene
Yantanglestes conexus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Mesonychia
Family: Mesonychidae
Genus: Yantanglestes
Ideker and Yan, 1980[1]
Type species
Lestes conexus
  • Y. conexus (Yan & Tang 1976)
  • Y. datangensis (Yan & Tang 1976)
  • Y. feiganensis (Chow et al 1973)
  • Y. rotundus (Wang 1975)
  • Dissacus feiganensis Chow et al 1973
  • Dissacus rotundus Wang 1975
  • Lestes Yan & Tang 1976
  • Notodissacus conexus Yan & Tang 1978

Yantanglestes is a genus of small, Chinese mesonychid with slender jaws that first appeared during the Early Paleocene in the Thanetian stage. It was found throughout Asia. It is the oldest known mesonychid. Yantanglestes became extinct during the Nongshanian division of the Late Paleocene,[2] and lived sympatrically with its descendant genera, including Dissacus, Sinonyx and Jiangxia.[2]


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