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Yeshivath Bais Moshe
Type Seminary
Undergraduates 78
Location Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Yeshiva Bais Moshe (also referred to as Yeshivath Beit Moshe, Yeshiva Beth Moshe, Scranton Yeshiva, or Milton Eisner Yeshiva High School), is an Orthodox Jewish Seminary located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1964 by its Roshei HaYeshiva Rabbi Chaim Bressler and Rabbi Yaakov Schnaidman.

Yeshivath Bais Moshe is an all-male school. It comprises a high school and a collegiate-level Beis Midrash. About 70 students between ages 14 and 18 attend the high school, while about 70 students between the ages of 19 and 23 attend the seminary. While many students are from Scranton, a majority of students come from across the country to study Talmud at the Scranton Yeshiva. It is a well-known Talmudic institute. While both Rabbi Yaakov Schnaidman and Rabbi Chaim Bressler are the principal and Rosh Yeshiva of both Seminary and High School, Rabbi Yaakov Schnaidman focuses more on the Seminary while Rabbi Chaim Bressler focuses on the High School.


The school teaches a challenging Talmudic curriculum, where classes and study sessions last from early morning until late in the evening and the school's calendar year lasts about 11 months. Applicants seeking to become students at Scranton Yeshiva must prepare and take an oral examination based on a passage from the Talmud and given by one or both of the Rosh Yeshiva. Many graduates continue their Talmudic studies at other yeshivas or at a kollel, while a minority pursue other degrees at college or university or they go into business. High schoolers spend a few hours a day learning math, science, language arts and history.


The campus, located in the South Side of Scranton, has two buildings. The main building contains the Beis Midrash study and prayer hall, classrooms, dining area, library, and dormitory. The other building contains a dormitory and a local grocery store selling a variety of specialized kosher food products.

Additionally, Scranton Yeshiva has a dual basketball court, a volleyball court, and a small building for music practice.

Coordinates: 41°23′42″N 75°39′22″W / 41.394908°N 75.656096°W / 41.394908; -75.656096