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Yogeshwari is a Sanskrit name which means "Goddess Durga". Sometimes even pronounced as Jogeshwari or Jogeswari.[1]

Shri Yogeshwari (Devanagari: श्री योगेश्वरी देवी ) is an ancient temple of Goddess Durga, located at Ambejogai one of Goddess Shakti Peeth.

Yogeshwari Mata is kuldevi of Ahir (Yadav) community. [2]

Many Brahmins of Western India (Gujarat, Rajasthan) with surnames Vyas, Trivedi, etc also revere "Yogeshwari" as their Kuldevi.

Yogeshwari Aai is Kulaswamini of many families in Maharashtra especially of Konkanastha Chitpavan Brahmins and Karhade Brahmins.

Yogeshwari Aai is considered as matruka shakti of Lord Shiva. Her name is derived from words Yoga and Ishwari. It means she is controller of Yoga shakti.

There is famous temple near Talbi road at Bhinmal, Rajasthan with mesmerizing idols of Yogeshwari and Varunachi Devi. Also are three famous temples of Yogeshwari Devi in Maharashtra. One is at Ambajogai, other is in Lanja near Ratnagiri in form of consort of Kalabhairava and third is in Pune as Tambadi Jogeshwari.

Entrance of Yogeshwari(Amba) Temple at Ambajogai