Yorkshire Squadron, The Queen's Own Yeomanry

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Yorkshire Squadron, The Queen’s Own Yeomanry, is a cavalry Squadron from Yorkshire, England.

The Yorkshire Squadron can trace its lineage back to the War of the French Revolution. The Squadron is the result of the amalgamation of three Regiments, The Yorkshire Hussars (APWO), The Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons and The East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry, all three Regiments having very different histories until their amalgamation in 1956 to form The Queen's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry. After a further reduction to a cadre in 1969, the Yorkshire Squadron of The Queen's Own Yeomanry, was formed in 1971.

On 1 November 1956, the three Yorkshire Yeomanry Regiments each reduced to squadron strength to form The Queen's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry, perhaps the British Army’s only amalgamation of an Hussar, a Dragoon, and a Lancer Regiment. The new Regiment was equipped with Dingo Armoured Cars and Champs, later Ferret Scout Cars and Land Rovers. In 1958, the Honorary Colonel, Major General The Earl of Scarbrough KG PC GCSI GCIE GCVO TD JP DCL LLD (Lord Lieutenant) presented the Regimental Guidon. On 1 April 1967, the Regiment reorganised to become the Queen's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (T) TAVR III, but was further reduced to a cadre, 1 April 1969. The Yorkshire Squadron was raised from these cadres. The Squadron was equipped with Saladins, Saracens and Ferrets, later to be replaced by the CVR(W) and (T) series of vehicles; and as part of 15th Infantry Brigade it trained to provide rear area security for I BR Corps.[1]

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