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The Yukon Time Zone was a former time zone that kept standard time; Yukon Standard Time (YST) was obtained by subtracting nine hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) resulting in UTC−9.[note 1] Yukon Daylight Time (YDT) when observed was eight hours behind UTC. In 1983 the UTC−9-based time zone was restructured and renamed the Alaska Time Zone.

Extent and History[edit]

The Yukon Time Zone originally included the Yukon, as well as a small region around Yakutat, Alaska (Alaska had been spread across four different time zones at the time). However, in 1975, the Yukon officially switched to Pacific Time zone (PST), which is UTC−8. Yakutat in Alaska remained as the only area to keep UTC−9. Moreover, Alaska switched in 1983 from four time zones to two time zones, placing most of the state in Alaska Standard Time Zone (AKST), now UTC−9, the time zone formerly known as Yukon Standard Time Zone, while the Aleutian Islands remained in the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Zone (until 1983 known as the Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time Zone).


  1. ^ UTC-based calculations began in 1972, previously it was ascertained in reference to Greenwich Mean Time

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