Yukon general election, 1900

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The 1900 Yukon general election was the first general election in the history of the Yukon territory held on October 18, 1900.[1]


The six-member Yukon Territorial Council was expanded to eight by adding two elected members. This was the smallest general election in Canadian history.

The election was held in a territory wide block style vote with no constituencies. In total four candidates contested the election for the two seats. Two Government candidates and two Yukon Party candidates.

Election night[edit]

The official returns were read by appointed councilor Joseph Clarke.


Affiliation Name Votes[2] %
     Yukon Party Arthur Wilson 1,326 %
     Yukon Party Alex Prud'homme 1,134 %
     Government Thomas O'Brien 826 %
     Government Noel 581 %
Total 3,867 %


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