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A yellow-uniformed zemidjan in Cotonou.
More than 400 kg of rice loaded on a zemidjan in Cotonou.

A zémidjan (or zem) is a type of taxi found in Benin.[1] The highest concentration is found in the largest city, Cotonou, where there are an estimated 72,000.[2] Zémidjans are motorcycles that carry one to two passengers for short distances in towns. The fares are entirely negotiable. The drivers wear uniforms that are color-coded by city and have registration numbers on the back. The name derives from the Fon language where zémidjan means "get me there fast" or "take me quickly".[1][3]

The way to call a zémidjan is "kekeno", a word derived from the Fon language. 'Keke' means motorcycle and 'no' means the 'owner of': kekeno thus literally means 'owner of motorcycle'. The zémidjan typically stops by and the passenger and driver negotiate the price, depending on the final destination. The minimum rate is 100FCFA.

A movie called Dreamcycles by Nelson Roubert was made about the kekenos of Tevisodji Park.

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