Zaate Herremenie

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De Zaate Herremenie 1959 in 2008

The Zaate Herremenie (Limburgish (Maastrichtian variant) for: drunken orchestra) is a carnival that takes place in the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Modern history[edit]

Following World War II, the carnival was revived by the Carnival Sociëteit De Tempeleers [1] on 16 November 1945 in the Momustempel. The revived carnival featured traditional parades, parties and was opened with 11 shots of the Momus-Cannon

In 1958, Dr John Hoenen introduced musicians to the parade, and a tradition of pushing a pram filled with beer. In 1959, the parade was named "Zaate Herremenie" by the citizens of Maastricht. In the early 1960s the name was altered to "De Zaate Herremenie 1959".


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