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Zotz (candy)

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Flavours of Zotz arranged to form a Z
Product typeHard candy
OwnerFrank Landry[1]
Produced byG.B. Ambrosoli
CountryRonago, Italy
Introduced1968 Italy, 1970 U.S.
MarketsItaly, United States
TaglineWhere the Fizz izz
Big Fizz Candy
Exploding pop

Zotz (/zɒts/ ZOTS) is a candy manufactured by G.B. Ambrosoli S.p.A. in Italy and distributed in the United States by Andre Prost, Inc.[2] It is a fizzy, sour center hard candy that contains sherbet.[citation needed]

Zotz is the official candy of American Endurance Racing (AER).[3]


Zotz contain; sugar, corn syrup, malic acid, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, artificial flavours, and colouring, and maltose carbonate.[citation needed]


Zotz were introduced to the United States in 1970.[4]

Available Flavors[edit]

The current Zotz flavor lineup includes:[5]

  • Apple (Green Wrapper)
  • Blue Raspberry (Blue Wrapper)
  • Cherry (Scarlet Wrapper)
  • Grape (Purple Wrapper)
  • Orange (Orange Wrapper)
  • Strawberry (Red Wrapper with Strawberry Seed Graphics)
  • Watermelon (Pink Wrapper)
  • Fiery Cinnamon Fizz (Red Wrapper with "Hot Zotz" Graphics)


Tag lines include "Where the Fizz izz", "Big Fizz Candy" and "Exploding pop".[1]

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