Zygaena nevadensis

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Zygaena nevadensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Zygaenidae
Genus: Zygaena
Species: Z. nevadensis
Binomial name
Zygaena nevadensis
Rambur, 1858
  • Zygaena corycia var. gallica Oberthür, 1898
  • Zygaena agenjoi Le Charles, 1957
  • Zygaena falleriana Reiss, 1931
  • Zygaena panticosica Reiss, 1966
  • Zygaena kricheldorffi Reiss, 1933
  • Zygaena gallica f. interrupta Boursin, 1923
  • Zygaena gallica gieskingiana Reiss, 1930

Zygaena nevadensis is a species of moth in the Zygaenidae family. It is found in France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Greece,[1] Russia and North Africa, including Morocco.[2]

The larvae feed on Vicia species (including Vicia cracca and Vicia villosa) and Lathyrus pratensis.[3] The larvae overwinters twice. Pupation takes place in April.


  • Zygaena nevadensis nevadensis
  • Zygaena nevadensis atlantica Le Charles, 1957 (Morocco)
  • Zygaena nevadensis gallica Oberthur, 1898
  • Zygaena nevadensis gheorghenica Reiss, 1976
  • Zygaena nevadensis interrupta Boursin, 1923
  • Zygaena nevadensis pelisterensis Reiss, 1976
  • Zygaena nevadensis schmidti Reiss, 1931
  • Zygaena nevadensis teberdica Reiss, 1939