Karl von Auwers

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Karl Friedrich von Auwers
Karl von Auwers 1909.jpg
Karl von Auwers
Born (1863-09-16)September 16, 1863
Gotha, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Germany
Died May 3, 1939(1939-05-03) (aged 75)
Marburg, Germany
Alma mater University of Heidelberg,
University of Berlin
Scientific career
Institutions University of Göttingen,
University of Heidelberg,
University of Greifswald,
University of Marburg
Doctoral advisor August Wilhelm von Hofmann,
Victor Meyer
Doctoral students Karl Ziegler,
Georg Wittig

Karl Friedrich von Auwers (September 16, 1863 – May 3, 1939) was a German chemist and the academic adviser of Karl Ziegler and Georg Wittig at the University of Marburg.


Karl Friedrich von Auwers was born the son of the renowned astronomer Arthur Auwers on (1863-09-16)September 16, 1863 in Gotha, Germany. He studied at first at the University of Heidelberg and later with August Wilhelm von Hofmann at the University of Berlin, where he received his Ph.D. in 1885. After one further year with Hofmann he joined the group of Victor Meyer at the University of Göttingen and later at the University of Heidelberg. He stayed at Heidelberg until he became professor at the University of Greifswald in 1900. He was responsible for the construction of a new chemistry department, of which he chaired. He left in 1913 to become chair of the chemistry department of the University of Marburg where he stayed until his retirement in 1928. Karl von Auwers died on May 3, 1939 in Marburg.

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