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Vivian Zahl Olsen (born 24 January 1942) is a Norwegian artist, graphic designer and illustrator. [1][2]

Vivian Zahl Olsen was educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry. [3]She has contributed to several television series for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, including Fru Pigalopp, Flode and Puslespill. She has also illustrated around seventy books, mostly for children. [4]

She was awarded the Jacob Prize (Jacob-prisen) in 1980. She received the Cappelen Prize in 1981. Since 1992, she has been married to Per Haugan.[5][6][7]


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Preceded by
Odd Eidem
Recipient of the Cappelen Prize
(shared with Hans Normann Dahl)
Succeeded by
Bjørg Vik,
Jahn Otto Johansen