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Oran Wendle Eagleson (1910–1997) was the Callaway Professor of Psychology at Spelman College, Atlanta.[1] He was the eighth black person in the United States to receive a doctorate in psychology.[1]

Early life[edit]

Oran Wendle Eagleson was born in Unionville, Indiana in 1910.[2] In Bloomington, Indiana he completed his PhD at Indiana University in 1935.[2] He also earned a bachelor's degree in 1931 and a master's in 1932, both in Indiana.[2] Eagleson worked as a shoe shiner and shoe repair finisher from high school through graduate years.[2]


It was hard for Eagleson to find employment with his psychology degree.[2] He found a job in 1936 in Durham, North Carolina at the North Carolina College for Negroes, where he taught psychology, sociology, economics, and philosophy.[2] After financial issue in Durham, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to teach at Spelman, a women's college.[2] At Spelman, he was high paid, but psychology was not a major. It was an elective until a few years later.[2] Eagleson also served as an exchange professor at Atlanta University where he taught graduate courses.[2] He became the dean of instruction at Spelman in 1954 and in 1970 he was promoted as Callaway Professor of Psychology.[2] He was co-director of Morehouse-Spelman Intensified Pre-College program.[2] H was also a lecturer and consultant in orientation and training project conducted by the Peace Corps.[2]


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