1987 Bihar flood

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1987 Bihar flood
Fatalities 1,399 human and 5302 animals
Damages 67,881.00 (crop) and 680.86 (public property) Lakh INR
Areas affected

The 1987 Bihar flood, caused by dramatic annual flooding of the Koshi River (nicknamed "the sorrow of Bihar"[1]), was one of the worst floods in Bihar, India, in a decade. 1399 people and 5302 animals lost their lives and nearly 29 million people were affected in 30 districts, 382 blocks, 6,112 panchayat, and 24,518 villages. Government figures list damage to crops at an estimated 68 billion Indian rupees and damage to public property at 68 million rupees.[2]

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please find the link. The previous link is dead. The new link is here. http://www.igovernment.in/site/Bihars-flood-of-fury-End-of-Kosi-civilisation/

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