2006 UCI Road World Championships – Men's road race

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Men's Individual Road Race
2006 UCI Road World Championships
Jersey rainbow.svg
Rainbow jersey
Race details
Date September 24, 2006
Distance 265.2 km (164.8 mi)
Winning time 06h 15' 32" (42.3397 km/h or 26.3087 mph)
 Gold  Paolo Bettini (ITA) (Italy)
 Silver  Erik Zabel (GER) (Germany)
 Bronze  Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (Spain)

The 2006 edition of the men's UCI Road World Championships Road Race took place on September 24, 2006, in the Austrian city of Salzburg. Reigning Olympic champion and Italian Paolo Bettini captured the gold medal and the rainbow jersey as the 2006 World Cycling Champion. The 36-year-old German sprinter Erik Zabel took the silver medal and UCI ProTour winner Alejandro Valverde of Spain captured third place for the bronze medal. A total of 136 cyclists actually finished the race, with Slovakia's Roman Bronis in last place (+ 13'38").

Final classification[edit]

Rank Rider Time
Gold medal icon.svg  Paolo Bettini (ITA) 06h 15' 32"
Silver medal icon.svg  Erik Zabel (GER) s.t.
Bronze medal icon.svg  Alejandro Valverde (ESP) s.t.
4.  Samuel Sánchez (ESP) + 0'02"
5.  Robbie McEwen (AUS) s.t.
6.  Stuart O'Grady (AUS) s.t.
7.  Uroš Murn (SLO) s.t.
8.  Alexandre Botcharov (RUS) s.t.
9.  Tom Boonen (BEL) s.t.
10.  Vladimir Gusev (RUS) s.t.
11.  Bernhard Eisel (AUT) s.t.
12.  Nicki Sørensen (DEN) s.t.
13.  Kurt Asle Arvesen (NOR) s.t.
14.  Martin Elmiger (SUI) s.t.
15.  Fred Rodriguez (USA) s.t.
16.  Karsten Kroon (NED) s.t.
17.  Marcus Ljungqvist (SWE) s.t.
18.  René Haselbacher (AUT) s.t.
19.  László Bodrogi (HUN) s.t.
20.  Gerben Löwik (NED) s.t.
21.  Stefan Schumacher (GER) s.t.
22.  Steffen Wesemann (SUI) s.t.
23.  Christophe Le Mevel (FRA) s.t.
24.  Anthony Geslin (FRA) s.t.
25.  Andrey Kashechkin (KAZ) s.t.

Selected Riders[edit]

Based on the results of the riders in the UCI ProTour and UCI Continental Circuits in 2006, all nations have received an amount of riders they can send to the championships. The amount of allowed riders is different for each continent:

  • Qualified Nations by the UCI Protour: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Switzerland get 9 starters. Canada, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania and Luxembourg get 1 starter.
  • Qualified Nations by the UCI Africa Tour: South Africa gets 6 starters. Burkina Faso gets 3 starters.
  • Qualified Nations by the UCI America Tour: Brazil and Colombia get 6 starters. Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela get 3 starters. Costa Rica and Cuba get 1 starter.
  • Qualified Nations by the UCI Asia Tour: Iran gets 6 starters. Kazakhstan and Japan get 3 starters.
  • Qualified Nations by the UCI European Tour: Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine get 6 starters. Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia and Norway get 3 starters. Sweden gets 1 starter. Note: Because Austria is the host nation, they are given 3 extra starters to give them 6 riders in total.
  • Qualified Nations by the UCI Oceania Tour: New Zealand gets 3 starters.

All nations are allowed to select reserves too, 5 reserves for nations with 9 riders, 3 reserves for nations with 6 riders, 2 reserves for nations with 3 riders and 1 reserve for nations with 1 rider.

Nations allowed 9 Riders[edit]

Australia Australia[edit]

On September 14, the selection was released:

Belgium Belgium[edit]

National Coach: Carlo Bomans

On September 11, the selection was released:

Also 5 reserves were appointed:

France France[edit]

Selection released on September 12:

Germany Germany[edit]

On September 11, the first selection was released, but since then many things have changed. Matthias Kessler and Jens Voigt have refused their selection as they claim to be "too tired after a long tiring season". Andreas Klöden has declared he only wants to ride in the Time Trial World Championships 2006.

Current Selection:

Italy Italy[edit]

National coach Franco Ballerini selected the following riders:

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

National coach Egon van Kessel selected the following riders:

Russia Russia[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]

Switzerland Switzerland[edit]

Selection released on September 14:

United States USA[edit]

Nations allowed 6 Riders[edit]

Austria Austria[edit]

The home nation was represented by:

Brazil Brazil[edit]

Colombia Colombia[edit]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit]

Iran Iran[edit]

to come

Poland Poland[edit]

Portugal Portugal[edit]

Slovenia Slovenia[edit]

Slovakia Slovakia[edit]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

Ukraine Ukraine[edit]

Nations allowed 3 Riders[edit]

Argentina Argentina[edit]

Belarus Belarus[edit]

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit]

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso[edit]

Croatia Croatia[edit]

Denmark Denmark[edit]

Estonia Estonia[edit]

United Kingdom Great Britain[edit]

Republic of Ireland Ireland[edit]

Japan Japan[edit]

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan[edit]

Latvia Latvia[edit]

Mexico Mexico[edit]

to come

New Zealand New Zealand[edit]

New Zealand chose not to send riders to the Road World Championships 2006, as their most important riders are injured and thus unavailable.[1][2]

Norway Norway[edit]

Venezuela Venezuela[edit]

Nations allowed 1 Rider[edit]

Canada Canada[edit]

Costa Rica Costa Rica[edit]

to come

Cuba Cuba[edit]

to come

Finland Finland[edit]

Hungary Hungary[edit]

Lithuania Lithuania[edit]

Luxembourg Luxembourg[edit]

Sweden Sweden[edit]

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