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24SevenOffice ASA
Developer(s) 24SevenOffice
Written in Java[1]
Operating system Web-based[2]
Available in English (UK), English (US), Norwegian, German, Swedish and Danish
Website www.24sevenoffice.com

24SevenOffice ASA (former name Kontorplassen.no,[2] Oslo Stock Exchange : TFSO), is a Norwegian software company developing and marketing software as a service (SaaS) products. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company is currently present in Scandinavia and the UK. 24SevenOffice is a pioneer in the development of Internet based applications and was founded in 1996.[1]

24SevenOffice main product is an integrated CRM and ERP system. The products are modular based to enables customers to select modules based on individual need.


The system includes modules for:


24SevenOffice is heavily based on the Internet Explorer web browser.[1]

Accounting standards[edit]

The accounting module has pre-configured charts of accounts and reports for accounting standards in Norway, Sweden and England.


24SevenOffice has won several awards including the 'Seal of Excellence'[4] at CeBIT and 'Product of the year 2005' by Kapital, a Norwegian magazine.[citation needed]


The company has offices in Oslo and Skien (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden) and London (UK). As of January 2006, the company listed a base of 1000 customers, and it is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange on the Oslo Axess list.[5]

24SevenOffice is part of the OpenAjax Alliance, the main industry group devoted to technologies and Web programming techniques known as Ajax.[6]


The company was founded in 1996 in Porsgrunn, (Norway) by Stian Rustad.

In February 2005, 24SevenOffice bought the Swedish competitor Start and Run, adding 400 customers and launching the company into the Swedish marketplace. The company entered partnerships with Active 24 in 2006 [7] and Norwegian telecommunications company, Telenor.[8][dead link]

In September 2006, 24SevenOffice signed a partnership deal with Fokus Bank and Bluegarden combine banking, accounting/invoice and payroll [9] services. 24SevenOffice has a comprehensive cooperation with NetClient AS. NetClient provides 24SevenOffice with hosting, communication and security services.

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