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Dagens Næringsliv, commonly known as DN, is a Norwegian tabloid specializing in business reporting with a claimed daily circulation of 82,775 copies in 2008, making it the 4th largest newspaper in Norway. The editor in chief is Amund Djuve. Its name is Norwegian for "Today's Business".

Dagens Næringsliv is owned by the media conglomerate Norges Handels og Sjøfartstidende (NHST Media Group),[1] which also owns DN Nye Medier, DN.no Tradewinds, Upstream, DagensIT, Smartcom, TDN, Nautisk Forlag, Intrafish, Fiskaren, Europower, and Recharge.

History and profile[edit]

Originally this newspaper was named Norges Handels og Sjøfartstidende. The paper was founded by Magnus Andersen in 1889. It has a right-wing and neoliberal political stance[2] and is headquartered in Oslo.[3] The paper is published in tabloid format.[4]

The circulation of Dagens Næringsliv was 69,000 copies in 2003.[4] The paper had a circulation of 80,595 copies in 2013.[5]

Partnership with Wikileaks[edit]

On 5 September 2013 the newspaper said that it is 1 of 17 "international partners cooperating with Wikileaks about the Spy Files 3 project that spotlights the international surveillance industry. Wikileaks has released close to 250 documents about 90 surveillance companies".[6]

Newspaper inserts[edit]

DN Magasinet[edit]

DN Magasinet is found at newsstands on Saturdays (and the last day before the public holidays of Easter and Christmas). It can not be purchased separately; it is an insert of Dagens Næringsliv.


D2 is a lifestyle magazine, which is an insert of Dagens Næringsliv every Friday. The magazine covers a wide range of cultural and lifestyle-related topics, including art, design, fashion, fitness, travel, cars, technology and food. It has won a lot of Norwegian and international prizes for outstanding photography and design. Each issue of D2 is read by 202.000 people.

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