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Logo emblem designating spacesuit functionality as a 2suit

The 2suit (alternately 2-Suit or twosuit) (abbrv. 2S) is a garment designed to facilitate intimacy in the weightless environments such as outer space, or on planets with low gravity. It has been tested in microgravity during a parabolic flight.[1]


Mission patch: pioneering human intimacy in space. "The 2suit is one small step for humankind colonizing the universe." History Channel, The Universe: Sex in Space

The 2Suit was invented by Vanna Bonta in 2006[2] after she experienced microgravity during a parabolic flight that she flew with the National Space Society in 2004. Bonta presented the garment design in 2006 on a panel at a New Space conference of the Space Frontier Foundation.[1] [3][4]

In 2008, the first 2Suit was manufactured and tested by a History Channel documentary for the television series The Universe. The episode premiered on December 3, 2008.[5]

The documentary described the 2Suit as "one small step for humankind colonizing the universe." The garment was presented as a utilitarian garment with multiple applications that serves the need for human intimacy and procreation by stabilizing physical proximity in microgravity environments.[5]

Prototype sketch of the 2Suit (MSNBC)


Vanna Bonta testing the 2suit in microgravity during a parabolic flight on September 13, 2008 (History Channel, The Universe)

The garment is a two-component flight suit, and is designed to be worn alone or attached to another 2S model for the purpose of intimacy or sex in space. Once attached, additional design functions are deployed, releasing ultralight fabric which transforms the 2suit into one roomy garment that keeps two people in proximity of one another. It includes Velcro strips, zippers and diaphanous inner material.[1]

The 2suit is equipped to fasten to a stable surface. The roominess within the garment is adjustable from within. It also is lined with inner harnesses for optional use that can regulate the garment to adjust proximity of various points of the bodies to one another. A quick-disrobe function removes the garments, optionally leaving harnesses in place for stabilization to a static surface.[6]

Function and purpose[edit]

The function of the 2suit is to stabilize human proximity, thus facilitating intimacy, tandem or adjacent tasks, recreation, or human procreation in weightless environments. The 2suit also has useful thermal applications in emergency situations, as it can store body heat.[7]

The 2suit enables lounging or work station stabilization, relieving the need to exert constant effort to prevent drifting apart that occurs in weightless and microgravity environments. The 2suit stabilizes the extremes of Newton's law of motion in zero gravity, i.e., for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A state of human intimacy is experienced, providing psychological benefit, by facilitating complete relaxation in proximity, without drift upon contact, and without otherwise needing to be in confined cubicles.

The invention was a result of Bonta's personal experience during her 2004 parabolic flight when empirically noting the effects of the sensation of complete lack of attraction of physical mass in weightless environments. Imagining prolonged periods in low or zero gravity environment, Bonta projected that in weightless environments, a sense of human intimacy, including reading or relaxing in proximity, would be lacking outside confined areas. The constant effort to maintain physical proximity could create cumulative, if low grade, stress.[citation needed]

Postulating "relaxed human closeness as a conditioned requisite that creates a sense of well-being," Bonta devised the 2suit. As a solution, it would eliminate constant physical struggle to remain close in microgravity, and still alternately afford open space conditions for enjoyment, in privacy or for group activities involving couples, such as movies or events.

Family versions might expand to 3 or 4suit, for use with undergarments.[8]

References in Pop Culture[edit]

Cracked.com listed the 2Suit as one of "seven real suits that will soon make the world a cooler place."[9]

Future simulation: mother-to-be in space lounge wears a 2suit for applications of stabilizing human proximity in microgravity conditions. (The Universe, Sex in Space; History Channel)

The 2Suit presentation covered by MSNBC in 2006 was picked up by international media.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

The 2Suit is mentioned in popular mainstream exploration magazines.[17] Travel magazines set vacation and honeymoon frontiers in space and concepts of the "400 mile high club" that discuss the 2Suit in context of human relationships and survival in other worlds.[18][19][20]

The 2Suit is discussed as fashion and futurism in WIRED, Discovery and other media.[21][22][23]

The 2Suit has been the subject of songs, including the Valentine's Days album titled 2Suit, by Binary Bits,[24][25] and in the Anti-Gravity Love EP track Sex Suit by Irish band Fred and Bob[26]

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